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 Springdale Prep expands our students’ educational horizons by providing a life-changing multicultural experience unlike any other. The blending of young people from Asia and Europe with those from around the United States creates a wonderful environment for exchanging insights and sharing ideas from diverse cultural backgrounds. It is a rare opportunity to learn equally important lessons in—and out—of the classroom and be part of a diverse community that recognizes and respects each member’s unique perspectives.

Financial Aid

Springdale Preparatory School knows that not all students may be able to afford the full cost of a Springdale education. Thus, to assist families in financing a Springdale education, we offer need-based aid. This aid is awarded to families who demonstrate financial need. Our financial aid program also helps bridge the gap between what a family can afford and the cost of tuition.

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Tuition Rates for 2023-24 School Year:

Day Student (Middle School/High School): $12,680
Five-Day Boarding: $47,500
Seven-Day Boarding: $52,500
International Boarding: $65,000

Textbooks and Materials Fee:
• Middle School: $350
• Upper School: $550
• Technology Fee: $350
• Athletics Fee (if applicable): $350


Chinese Program Admissions

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Student Application Instructions

Our Review Process

Our Admissions team takes a holistic approach to evaluating every application. A student’s grades and test scores are obviously important factors in the equation, but we are committed to also considering each applicant’s school-related activities, community involvements, nonprofit pursuits, and other personal interests. We strive to assemble a student body that is well-rounded and consists of young people who are ready to challenge themselves.

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In Their Own Words

 “I’m so grateful to have met such amazing people, the staff is great, and the teachers are very understanding and polite. Life in the dorm is very enjoyable. I have two International roommates, from Germany and France, and I’m happy to say that we get along pretty well. The other students are great and the school offers us a good education and a lot of clubs during the afternoon. I’m in the track team, baking and drama club. Overall, this is a good experience to travel the world and learn a new language. My favorite thing about Springdale is that during the weekends they organize a lot of cool activities, such as trips to Washington DC and bowling!”

Maddie P, '23 Senior from Italy
“As soon as I arrived I was included in the SPS family. The other exchange students and I, we all understand each other by being far from everything that we know. However, everyone helps us to feel home and to find a new family here. I’m glad I ended up here, because I found amazing people from all over the world that I’ll never forget about and that I hope I’ll see again after this year”.
Fefe N, '23 Senior from France
 “I’ve met a lot of new people that I am happy to call my friends and whom I love and appreciate very much. I’ve had experiences that I don’t think I would have at any other school. What I enjoy the most at Springdale is the small school atmosphere and family-like classes. The classes really allow me to get comfortable with my classmates and we all become very close and get to know each other very well and you won’t find that at another school.” 

Sam S, '26 Sophomore from US
“As soon as I arrived at Springdale, I felt at home. The people here are very welcoming and friendly, it could be that we are all away from our home so we found our “family” here because just between us we can understand what it means to be far from your comfort place. I enjoy learning subjects that I don’t have in Italy. The teachers are super nice and willing to help you and listen to you every time you need them.”
Sofia C, '24 Junior from Italy