Athletics: Where Values Matter More Than The Outcome

Springdale Athletics

At Springdale, the objective of athletics is not just to emerge victorious, but to recognize and instill the many core values developed through participation.

Students build character and develop confidence through competition on the court, track and field. This in turn, leads to discipline, mental resilience, and leadership skills.

Our coaches are every bit as concerned with cultivating teamwork and sportsmanship as they are with the final score. And students love to come out to cheer on their classmates and roommates, building a strong sense of community.

Members of Springdale’s athletics teams are held to a high standard on and off the playing field. Student-athletes sign a creed outlining a code of conduct that embraces a philosophy of competition and behavioral expectations for all of them. 

Athletics for all students revolve around interests and provide social and athletic choices and experiences. Currently, our students participate in basketball, track, tennis, equestrian, and cheer teams. And Springdale Lions have the chance to represent the school in athletic competitions.

We encourage all our students to participate on sports teams, whether they have played a sport for years or wish to learn a new one. Our student-athletes learn new skills while developing teamwork and companionship with fellow student-athletes. Participation in sports encourages increased levels of physical fitness and promotes well-rounded individual growth.

Our Athletics Program

The basketball program at Springdale Preparatory School presents athletes with a competitive schedule of national caliber programs and tournaments. We believe playing against the nation’s best private school programs builds character, teaches perseverance, and provides discipline.

Our Springdale Lions athletes contribute to the school community academically as well as athletically. The skills that students learn as a part of our sports program translate to the classroom and will carry on to future life experiences.

Springdale Esports is a fun, competitive, team-based program. Our training system gets students in the game as much as possible and allows for virtual participation. Students have the opportunity to grow and develop as competitive video game players as well as individuals. We focus on education, discipline, principles, and critical thinking. This builds strong, disciplined students who are creative thinkers and team players fully ready for college and beyond.

Building on our strong foundation, we strive to train championship teams and star Esports athletes while we encourage our players to be strong, well-rounded students. We are a driving force for the Springdale Preparatory community and look forward to many years of continued success.

Our players meet regularly to practice, to develop skills and a sense of teamwork. We provide our team players with opportunities to participate in regional, statewide tournaments, and national tournaments as well.

COACH: Mr. Andrew Malcolm

Springdale Equestrian Studies Program caters to all levels from novice to experienced riders. In partnership with Talbot Run Equestrian Center, the program combines direct instruction, hands-on experience, and academic learning. Springdale students have an opportunity to learn riding skills onsite at Talbot Run while they study animal science on campus.

Animal Science introduces students to both small and large animals in a variety of settings. Topics include animal anatomy, physiology, behavior, nutrition, reproduction, health, and basic care.

An after-school riding program complements the animal science course offered at Springdale. Students do not need to be enrolled in the equestrian science program to participate in the after-school riding program. After school, students at all levels can learn to ride or improve existing riding skills in a safe setting dedicated to teaching balanced seat riding and horsemanship. In addition, community service hours are available for students who wish to help in various ways at the riding center. Transportation to equestrian classes is provided by the school.

Springdale Tennis Club helps students excel athletically and competitively within an academic-centric environment. Players learn to become efficient athletes, and develop their individual skills in a team format. Learning to maintain healthy minds and healthy bodies is another important element in becoming a productive member of the Springdale community. We encourage students to reach for their potential as players, enjoy practice and competition, and learn important life lessons from failure as well as success.

Players may range from the beginner to intermediate level, with the goal to develop skills and be able to compete with area schools.  We continue to recruit student-athletes to help our tennis club grow as we work toward becoming a competitive team in area scholastic tournaments.

The track program helps student-athletes improve their physical fitness, mental stamina, teamwork, and leadership skills. Springdale students practice weekly, when weather permits, on our academic campus. Track meets and practices are held in the spring, and students practice conditioning during the winter months. Transportation, as needed to other locations and competitions, is available for students.

Cheer is an organized sport activity involving short routines that combine dance, gymnastics, and stunt elements to cheer on our teams, especially our Springdale Lions basketball teams.

The athletics department makes safety their number-one priority. During every home and away game, a licensed athletic trainer is present to care for athletes during competition. In the event of an injury, the administrator on the field will communicate with medical professionals and contact parents appropriately.

If an injury occurs, our medical professionals will follow the correct protocols outlined by our athletic director and director of medical services. We consider all injuries to be serious and take every precaution ensure the safety and health of our student athletes. Coaches train in CPR and first aid, and always have medical equipment and first aid kits on hand during practices and competition.

We do not permit an injured player to return to practice or competition unless written permission is granted by the treating physician.

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Springdale Preparatory School is a Maryland State Department of Education approved boarding and day academic community.

Non-Discrimination Policy: Springdale Preparatory School will not discriminate against students or employees on the basis of race; national or ethnic origin; religion; gender; sexual orientation; age; or disability in the administration of its educational policies, admissions decisions, employment practices, financial aid programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs and activities.