Springdale teachers are as diverse as they are distinguished, coming from schools all over the country and bringing their specific areas of expertise to match their individual instructional methodologies.

All have the skills to teach both the average and the exceptional student and embrace our holistic approach to learning. Their keen understanding of the subjects they teach and their experience in helping each child meet or exceed their academic potential makes them uniquely qualified to lead this step in the student’s educational journey.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Gerald L. Boarman

Head of School

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Dr. Gerald Boarman has a long, innovative, distinguished career in education. From 2010 to 2020, he served as Head of School at Bullis School, a prominent independent K-12 school in Potomac, MD. While there, Dr. Boarman expanded student opportunities in the academic program through initiatives including signature programs in STEM, Entrepreneurship, Humanities and Global Studies, and Visual and Performing Arts, and introduced rotating class schedules, data-driven practices for personalized instruction, and project-based learning. Under his leadership, the school’s enrollment grew by over 20% and added grades K-2. He also led the school’s largest capital campaign to raise over $28 million for a 70,000 sq. ft. STEM building. Previously Dr. Boarman served as Chancellor for the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics from 2000 to 2010. Prior to those years, he served as Principal of Eleanor Roosevelt Science and Technology High School in Greenbelt, MD, where he also served as Chief Educational Administrator for the Eleanor Roosevelt Community of Schools. Dr. Boarman holds a Ph.D. in education from Nova Southeastern University and earned B.A. and M.Ed. degrees from the University of Maryland. He brings vision, energy, and innovative ideas to Springdale Preparatory and enjoys the opportunity to lead a great and growing school community.

Sarah Baxter

Math Resource Specialist, Middle School Math Department Head & Upper School Instrumental Music Teacher

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Teaching Middle School math and math labs as well as Upper School instrumental music and also serving as head of the Middle School Math Department, Sarah Baxter brings a wealth of experience to Springdale. She has a B.A. in Economics (magna cum laude with high honors in Economics from Brandeis University, and a master’s in elementary education and creative arts in learning from Lesley University. Previously she taught math and was the math learning specialist for eight years at McLean School in Potomac, MD. She also served as adjunct strings instructor at Newman University and taught music lessons to students of all ages (3 to 95!). At Springdale, she found a school where she has a voice and impact, and she enjoys working with colleagues and students, and appreciates being involved in the energy of a new school where she can share ideas and creativity.

Doris Brown, LPN

Health Office Nurse

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School Nurse Doris Brown has over 30 years’ experience working for the State of Maryland, including 24 years with the Carroll County Board of Education, where she oversaw the daily medical aspects of 600+ students, pre-K to 5th grade; she has extensive experience working with children of all ages, and in addition, has worked with a range of special needs. A licensed practical nurse, she continually updates her knowledge and certifications. Her responsibilities at Springdale include providing nursing care and screening to students and staff as needed, ensuring compliance with school and governmental procedures and protocols, initiating emergency procedures, and counseling students on medical issues; she also implements, records, and maintains all student medical records, administrated medicines, monitors student allergies, notifies parents and doctors when students develop symptoms. Ms. Brown enjoys the spirit of teamwork at Springdale and loves working with students. Her biggest joy is seeing their success.

Dalin Chen

Special Program Manager & Registrar

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Dalin Chen has more than ten years of experience in business management. She has an extensive background in business and management and holds a bachelor’s degree in business engineering and a master’s in management and technology from the University of Warwick, UK. At Springdale, Ms. Chen serves as registrar and bookkeeper; she also oversees international programs and summer camps. She very much enjoys the opportunity to work with students at Springdale.

Krisha Davis

Middle/Upper School and IB Art Teacher

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Serving as art teacher and assistant to the arts facilitator at Springdale, Krisha Davis is also a working artist. With a B. A. in art education from Academy of Art University in San Francisco CA, she has experience in a variety of artistic capacities for local companies and is adept at using diverse media in art, including computer programs, foam core, insulation foam, cement, plaster, resin and lacquers, wood, and PVC. Her class programs at Springdale incorporate various artists and genres to integrate artistic skills with cultural understanding. She emphasizes interdisciplinary learning in her approach to teaching art as well as through collaborations with colleagues in various disciplines. Ms. Davis also has experience tutoring a variety of subjects in a school setting, including science, math, Latin, geography, history, English, and art. She has managerial experience as well, and also teaches fitness, helping students create results in diet and fitness levels. She brings a range of expertise in the areas of art, teaching, and fitness, and enjoys encouraging creativity and motivating students at Springdale.

Bill Ford

Upper School Social Studies Teacher, IB History and Theory of Knowledge Teacher & Interim Chair, Arts & Humanities

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An experienced educator with a decade of experience, Bill Ford teaches upper-school-level history at Springdale. With a B.A. in history from McDaniel College, a master’s in education from Notre Dame of Maryland University, and an M.A. in military history from Norwich University, he taught a variety of courses, including history, government, economics, and psychology at the Harbour School in Owings Mills for a decade. Mr. Ford enjoys leveraging teamwork, classroom technology, and individualized educational programs to help his students succeed. He especially likes Springdale’s smaller size because it allows teachers to really get to know the students, and appreciates that the IB curriculum gives students the opportunity to dive deep into the study of history while exploring perspectives and ways to think about the past.

Timothy R. Gifford

Director of Facilities

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As a seasoned expert in building construction and maintenance, Facilities Director Tim Gifford ensures that all buildings and operations on both Springdale campuses function optimally and remain in the best possible condition. He oversees a broad range of services, including facility maintenance in all trades, facilities scheduling, day-to-day custodial service and operations, security systems, energy and utility systems, event services, grounds maintenance, codes and regulations, and facility assessments. Over the past 25 years, Mr. Gifford has served in many roles in the construction industry, including remodeling projects throughout Carroll County. He has a vast knowledge of all aspects of building and great insight into the problem-solving and efficient management of all facility needs.

Cindy Goddard

Middle/Upper School History Teacher

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Cindy Goddard brings a love of history and teaching to her classes at Springdale. She holds a B.A. in political science from American University and an M.Ed. from the University of Maryland Global Campus; she also holds certificates from the Institute for Culinary Education and the Apicius International School of Hospitality. At Springdale, Ms. Goddard appreciates the advantage of smaller class sizes that allow close relationships among students and teachers, fostering an environment conducive to learning. She also enjoys the creative freedom that independent school education allows, giving teachers the opportunity to utilize different methodologies, including hands-on learning.

Isidro Hernandez

Facilities Staff

Monica Johnson

School Librarian & IB Research Development Coordinator

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Librarian and Research Development Coordinator Monica Johnson provides cross-curricular programming for student research skills development, supports classroom instruction, and helps students develop strong research skills. Ms. Johnson earned a degree in nursing and followed an interest in library studies that led her to Whitefield Academy in Georgia for 18 years as assistant librarian and then head librarian. At Springdale, she cultivates and maintains the library’s growing resource collections, both print and electronic, manages information searches, gathers and sorts raw data, and oversees copyright ethics and citation instruction. She also provides classroom and student support via database and research guidance as well as general library services. In addition, Ms. Johnson instructs IB diploma candidates in research methods and supports them in writing the required essays. Dedicated to service in librarianship, she enjoys its challenges and is pleased to help students find research sources and also identify their personal reading choices.

Tyrone Johnson

Deputy Head of School, Executive Director of Athletics & Head Coach, Boys Basketball

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Tyrone Johnson is an experienced independent school dean who has served upper and middle independent schools for many years. For 17 years, he served in a variety of positions at Whitefield Academy in Georgia, including dean of students; he also managed disciplinary programs, monitored academic enhancement programs, mentored students, trained new teachers in classroom leadership, and served as head coach of boys’ basketball. He also is an experienced teacher in algebra, government and economics, P.E. and health. As Springdale’s Athletic Director and Head Basketball Coach, he acts as lead administrator for athletics, supervises coaches, schedules games, and coordinates logistics. As Dean of Students, he governs the school’s disciplinary program, and works with students, teachers, and parents to maintain a positive school culture among many other supervisory duties. Mr. Johnson holds an A.A. degree in criminology, a B.S. in business administration and management, a M.Ed. in educational leadership, and is working toward a Ph.D. in educational leadership. He thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to work closely with students in curricular, extracurricular, and mentoring capacity. He also enjoys helping students develop critical thinking and learning skills and supporting them as they discover areas of interest and giftedness. He felt drawn to Springdale due to its incredible potential as an educational institution and appreciates the commitment of the school’s leaders in nurturing the academic and athletic talents of Springdale students.

Michaela King

Director of Student Services, Psychology and Health Teacher & CAS Coordinator

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For more than 15 years, Michaela King has advocated for children and adults in a variety of situations of need. As a social worker for Fresno County Child Welfare, she advocated for abused and neglected children and served as a rehabilitation counselor for an adult facility in Novato, California, and a youth counselor in Floral City, Florida. Ms. King earned a B.A. in psychology and an M.S. degree in clinical rehabilitation and mental health counseling. She is also an experienced teacher of creative writing, financial aid, psychology, and health classes. At Springdale, she provides counseling services, develops policies and practices in student support, oversees the advisory program, and assists with registrar duties and college guidance. She is dedicated to helping individuals better themselves through reflective insight and confidence in personal strengths and abilities.

Susan King

Middle/Upper School Creative Writing Teacher & Content Editor

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Susan King teaches creative writing and research methods at Springdale and serves as the school’s content editor. Previously she was communications coordinator at a K-12 independent school in Potomac, MD, for 14 years, responsible for informational and promotional writing as well as newsletters, magazine articles, and general editing while also assisting in the advancement department. Ms. King is also a multi-published author with extensive experience in the publishing industry. She is the award-winning, national-bestselling author of 27 novels in traditional and digital publishing; her nonfiction writing includes nearly two hundred magazine and blog articles on history, education, and the craft of writing; she is also the author of a comprehensive history of an area private school. She holds a B.A. in studio art and English literature and was awarded contiguous merit fellowships at the University of Maryland while earning an M.A. in art history and working toward a Ph.D./ABD in art history. A Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, she was a college lecturer in art history for several years before becoming a career writer and teacher. Ms. King appreciates the friendly, supportive atmosphere at Springdale and enjoys helping students develop creative thinking as well as writing skills.

David Luscher

Head Chef

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A chef and manager with experience throughout the east coast, David Luscher now serves as Springdale’s lead chef. His culinary program centers on fresh ingredients and offers creative and healthy menu options to interest students and staff. His award-winning food service career spans school culinary management at preparatory school and college campuses, and includes restaurant executive chef experience. Prior to joining Springdale Prep, he worked for over seven years with Metz Culinary Management, where he assisted in developing the company’s food standards and received multiple awards. He was chef and manager at a college preparatory school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he implemented many new programs, including a food composting program and a salsa garden where students were able to grow, cook, and eat their own produce. He is a graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, New York.

Andrew Malcolm

Director of Technology & Innovation

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As Springdale’s robotics and programming teacher and director of technology and innovation, Andrew Malcolm teaches classes, sponsors technology-oriented clubs, works with faculty to integrate technology into their classes, oversees campus technology assets, and is developing the Springdale Prep Innovation Center into a model of educational technology. Holding a B.S. in psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and an M.Ed. in curriculum and instruction/digital learning and teaching from American College of Education, Mr. Malcolm is also certified as a Microsoft Innovative Educator and a CSTA Cyber Teacher. Previously he taught STEM courses for 16 years at Miami Country Day School in Miami, FL, where over the years he sponsored esports and robotics teams, served as webmaster and assistant registrar, and founded Top Flight, a drone-piloting and flight science summer camp. Mr. Malcolm enjoys Springdale Prep and loves being part of a team helping to build a healthy community from the ground up. His personal mission is to help students and faculty members incorporate recent and emerging technologies into their lessons and lives.

Wei Mao

IT Administrator, Upper School and IB Math Teacher & Department Chair, Math and Science

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Wei Mao leads Springdale’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Department. He has a B.S. degree in mathematics from Peking University and earned an M.S. in mathematics and an M.S. in computer sciences from Purdue University. He is an experienced college and high school math educator and also has more than 20 years’ experience in the IT industry. As head of STEM at Springdale, he recruits and manages STEM teachers, builds curricula, and works with other administrators to define and implement academic policies and procedures. As a math teacher in the upper school and the IB program, he emphasizes the background and reasoning behind math and science theories and formulae, and encourages his students to explore and experiment in innovative ways to solve problems. He also teaches computer science and provides professional guidance to students interested in careers in the IT industry. In addition, as IT Administrator, Mr. Mao builds and maintains the school’s IT infrastructure on both campuses and manages equipment, technologies, and applications, In his college and high school days he was an active participant and award-winner in various math competitions and enjoys sharing his math knowledge and skills with students today.

Robin Petrasek

Middle/Upper School Animal Science Teacher & Riding Instructor

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Robin Petrasek teaches equestrian science and helps oversee the equestrian program at Springdale, including afterschool riding lessons. She is the barn manager and lead trainer/instructor at Talbot Run Equestrian Center in Mount Airy, Maryland, and holds a B.S. in Biology from McDaniel College. With 18 years’ experience teaching riding to all age levels, she specializes in eventing, show jumping and dressage.  In addition to teaching for the TREC lesson program, she also coaches and trains members of the Talbot Run Pony Club and coaches the Talbot Run Show Team at local events, dressage shows, and competitions, and is the lead instructor for the TREC summer camp program. Personal riding accomplishments include achieving a graduate H level through the United States Pony Club.  Currently she competes at the Prix Saint Georges level in dressage and has earned bronze and silver medals in dressage through the United States Dressage Federation, ranking in the top 100 in the USA for Musical Kur. She also competed at training level for eventing, and qualified and competed at the American Eventing Championships, and in 2021 was selected as a trainer in the National Thoroughbred Make Over competition. Springdale is fortunate to have such an accomplished equestrian overseeing our program.

Maria Ramirez

Kitchen Staff

Linnea Randolph-Lopez

Director of Curriculum, AP Coordinator, Upper School Biology Teacher

[email protected]

As Springdale’s Director of Curriculum, Ms. Randolph-Lopez is responsible for the instructional leadership of the SPS school program. This includes providing oversight for curriculum and instruction, coaching the teachers, leading professional development, lead data-driven decision-making, and managing all academic assessments. Ms. Randolph-Lopez holds a B. A. in biology from Towson University, an M.Ed. from Johns Hopkins University, and gained certification in educational administration from Notre Dame of Maryland University. Her extensive experience in education includes teaching biology, physical science, anatomy, physics, chemistry and technology; she taught science at Edmonson-Westside High School for 16 years and also served as science department chair for 11 years. At Springdale Prep, Ms. Randolph-Lopez enjoys working with the staff and students as administrator, teacher, and sponsor of the Cheerleaders Club and Bible Club. Local to Carroll County, she is a wife and mother of two, and feels honored to be at Springdale and is bursting with excitement for the opportunity to serve the Springdale Prep community.

David Reed

Public Speaking Teacher, Residential Life Dorm Supervisor & Substitute Teacher

[email protected]

In addition to being Springdale’s Public Speaking teacher, Residential Life Dorm Supervisor, and in-house substitute teacher, David Reed also describes his duties as “basketball shot clock, driver for horseback riding students, chess club advisor, and mentor.” His extensive background in education includes a B. A. from the University of Maryland and over thirty years as a Lower and Middle School math and STEM teacher, PE teacher, advisor, and curricular advisor at Bullis School in Potomac, MD. At Springdale, he is impressed by the amazing family atmosphere, the incredible faculty, staff, and students, and the small class sizes that allow students to grow to their full potential.

Daniele Tellish

Director of Admissions and Auxiliary Programs & IB Administrator

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Daniele Tellish oversees the management and day-to-day operations of the Springdale Admission Office and is responsible for the successful management of the admission process to achieve admission goals set by the Board of Trustees. She holds a B.S. in management from Towson University, a master’s degree in public administration, and a graduate certificate in Leadership for Organizational Change from American University. Previously, she served as director of human resources at an independent K-12 school in Potomac, MD for three years, and worked for nine years in human resources at a private university in Washington, DC. She enjoys the small-school atmosphere at Springdale that allows students and staff to support and encourage one another, and she is excited by the challenges and rewards of helping a small school grow to meet its potential.

Skyler Thompson

English Teacher & Yearbook Advisor

[email protected]

Skyler Thompson teaches Middle School English, World Literature and English composition and serves as the Springdale yearbook advisor. With a B.A. in English and secondary education from York College of Pennsylvania, she went on to earn a master’s in education, diversity & student resilience and is currently working on a second M.A. degree in English and creative writing at Southern New Hampshire University. Previously she taught Middle School English for five years as well as college and career for two years, AVID for one year, and served as yearbook advisor for two years in Baltimore County Public Schools. At Springdale, she especially enjoys the close-knit community, small class sizes, and the opportunity to work with students in the SPS environment.

Valerie Tucker

Office Manager & Human Resources Director

[email protected]

Valerie Tucker is a seasoned office management professional with more than 35 years of corporate experience working with executives at the VP level as well as personnel departments, offices, and school administration in Houston, Texas. She holds a certificate in business management from the Powelson Business Institute in Syracuse, NY, and is experienced in overseeing and coordinating office administrative activities for multiple offices, including organizing meetings, scheduling, managing databases, logistics management, and communicating effectively with staff, suppliers, and clients. In addition to office administration at Springdale, she onboards new employees, maintains personnel files and records in compliance, and oversees employee benefits. Ms. Tucker is dedicated to furthering Springdale’s success, and in her HR role, enjoys meeting new staff and helping them with benefit needs, questions, and concerns.

Vincent (Vin) White

Assistant Director of Admissions, 7th & 8th Grade Science Teacher

[email protected]

Vin White teaches 7th & 8th grade science while also serving as Assistant Director of Admissions and an admissions ambassador at Springdale. Holding a B. S. in business administration from Duquesne University, Mr. White is also a certified National Geographic Educator and a certified Flight Instructor (MEII) and commercial pilot. Previously a flight instructor for 20 years, he also coached boys’ lacrosse and girls’ soccer for 15 years, and taught social studies for eight years at Bullis School in Potomac MD. Mr. White brings a range of expertise to Springdale and chose to come to the school because of the amazing opportunities offered here. He found that the community and school culture cultivated at Springdale since its inaugural year made the transition an easy one.

Trey Woodyard

Middle/Upper School Physical Education & Health Teacher; Assistant Coach, Boys Varsity Basketball; Head Coach, Girls JV Basketball

[email protected]

As PE teacher and coach at Springdale, Coach Woodyard directs, organizes, and administers all aspects of the physical education, health, and basketball programs and oversees communications with student-athletes, coaches, and others. Responsible for coaching, planning, organizing, and conducting practice sessions, he also trains, teaches, strategizes, and helps condition students in preparation for games and practices. Previously an instructional assistant at Winters Mill High School, he began at Springdale as an assistant basketball coach and then was offered a teaching position.

Ashley Yuan

Chief Financial Officer

[email protected]

Ashley Yuan has served as Chief Financial Officer since the 2018-19 school year. In this role, she oversees all operations and programs for the school, including curriculum, pedagogy, marketing, development, and business operations, working with a senior leadership team of experienced educators. Ms. Yuan’s deep and wide-ranging experience in businesses and schools in different cultures makes her especially well-suited to oversee the Springdale experience for students and faculty alike. Ms. Yuan has a diverse and impressive professional background. Since 2016, she has been the CEO of Yulun Education and Technology Development, the majority owner of Springdale Prep, and from there came to serve Springdale. She has also been the managing partner and founder of the first Chinese American owned real estate development company in Washington, DC, and developed many residential and commercial properties. Ms. Yuan has additional experience in financial management consulting at PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the world’s largest accounting and consulting firms. While at PWC, she assisted organizations and corporations with business issues. A graduate of the prestigious and highly selective Peking University in Beijing, Ms. Yuan received her B.S. in chemistry followed by an M.S. in chemistry from the University of Maryland. She then earned her MBA from Cornell University where she was awarded a Merit Fellowship. Ms. Yuan lives near the Springdale campus and is the mother of three school-age children.

Sobia Zia

Attendance Manager and Study Hall Teacher

Sobia Zia brings an interdisciplinary approach to mathematics at Springdale Preparatory School. She collaborates with learning facilitators in other areas to create cross-curricular projects for our students. She is experienced in working with students who have learning differences, scaffolding their learning so that they can make step-by-step progress toward learning goals. Ms. Zia earned her master’s degree in statistics at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad.