Student Services

Guiding You every Step of the Way

Springdale’s Student Services department helps students navigate through the sometimes overwhelming and confusing paths to higher education. By working one-on-one with our on-campus counselor, they develop an individual roadmap to success. This map includes additional support and guidance from their advisory teacher, who meets regularly with students throughout high school.

Advisory Groups

Advisory Groups meet regularly with their advisors to stay on track throughout middle and high school.

Community Service

Students must earn 75 hours of community service as a graduation requirement. They must first fill out the approval form.

Dual Enrollment, AP, and IB

Upper School students are free to dual enroll with Carroll Community College, as well as enroll in the IB Programme and take a variety of AP Classes.


SPS offers SAT testing practice and SAT testing on site.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

SPS Student Services is happy to help all students find and apply for scholarships and financial aid.

College Application Links & Resources

Applying to colleges can be overwhelming. SPS Student Services is here to help.

College Essay Resources

SPS Student Services can help you through the essay-writing process.

Pathway to College via Scoir

Scoir is a Network connecting students, supporters, middle schools, high schools, and colleges to expand college and career access and improve student outcomes.

SPS Alumni

SPS graduates have been accepted to a multitude of prestigious universities and colleges.