Private Middle School Frederick, MD

Springdale Preparatory offers co-educational boarding and day programs for students in grades 6-12. Located just 20 miles outside of Frederick, Maryland, our educational community prepares students for success in college, their future careers, and their personal lives. We provide them with social, academic, and emotional skills they will use for years to come. Springdale Prep is also a proud member of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. The IB Diploma curriculum is a demanding, learner-based structure concentrated on global education.


Everything we do is guided by our core values. Ultimately, we believe every student can succeed if they receive the individual attention and care they require. If you are searching for a private middle school in Frederick, MD that will suit your child’s unique needs, schedule a visit at Springdale Prep today.

What Our Academics Have to Offer


At Springdale Preparatory School, we make it our mission to help students grow and realize their potential. With the support of our teachers, coaches, and administrators, we strive to make this a reality through our rigorous academic and extracurricular programs.


Students start each day at 8:15 in Homeroom. From there, they attend eight courses with two break times. The day ends in Homeroom at 3:30 and students go to study hall or participate in extracurricular activities afterward. During their time at our private middle school in Frederick, MD, students also have the chance to enjoy:


  • Critical Thinking Courses
  • Individualized Instruction
  • Small, Student-Focused Class Sizes
  • Globally-Minded Studies
  • Collegiate Preparation


In addition, students at Springdale Prep are encouraged to partake in volunteering opportunities and athletic groups.


The Admissions Process


We encourage every prospective student to schedule a tour with us prior to starting the admissions process. For further information, please review our Student/Parent Handbook. This may help you decide if Springdale Prep is the right choice for your child. From there, students are welcome to complete an online application. We consider a range of factors when considering a student’s application, including their academic record, their character, their English proficiency, and their overall aptitude. In compliance with the law and our own high ethical standards, students of all races, sexes, religions and origins are invited to join us. We also offer financial aid options for anyone who needs help affording tuition.  


We recognize that your child’s education is everything to you. If you’re looking for a private middle school in Frederick, MD with a great reputation, there’s no better choice than Springdale Preparatory School!

What Do Our Students Love about Springdale Prep?


The educational environment we provide at Springdale Prep is designed to help every student develop the skills they need to thrive in the future. Here, they’ll be encouraged to form bonds with peers and become conscientious, engaged community members. While our academics speak for themselves, our private middle school in Frederick, MD is a top choice for parents because their children love learning here. Students frequently express their appreciation for our compassionate teachers, extracurricular opportunities and unique field trip excursions.  

Where Can I Find a Private Middle School in Frederick, MD?


Springdale Preparatory School in Maryland, is a multicultural middle and upper private school where students develop academic excellence, critical thinking, integrity, and respect for themselves and others. Through curiosity, creativity, and intercultural understanding, students become life-long learners and innovative leaders. Students cultivate a world awareness and self-confidence necessary to become responsible and compassionate global citizens. To learn more about our private middle school in Frederick, MD, contact us at (443)-671-0072 or schedule a tour today!