IB School Carroll County, MD

Every parent wants their child to succeed in school and build a solid framework for what comes after school, whether it be starting a small business or getting a Ph.D. International Baccalaureate (IB) programs seamlessly combine the rigor of high-level academics with the community that children need to feel supported and broaden their horizons.

Springdale Preparatory School is an IB school in Carroll County, MD that marries academic, extracurricular and residential programs to foster a lifelong love of learning and prepare students for the challenges they will face in their adult lives in and out of the classroom.

What Is the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program?

International Baccalaureate education offers a unique schooling experience designed to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring students who make the world a better place through their understanding of global cultures. IB students learn to think globally and develop a mindset that allows them to focus on our commonalities while also appreciating our differences. Through the program, pupils hone their thinking skills, research skills, communication skills, social skills and self-management skills.

What Skills Do Students Gain During IB Programs?

All IB schools teach students about ten core attributes that help them to be responsible, productive members of local, national and international communities. At our IB school in Carroll County, MD, we encourage students to be:


  1. Inquirers
  2. Knowledgeable
  3. Thinkers
  4. Communicators
  5. Principled
  6. Open-Minded
  7. Caring
  8. Risk-Takers
  9. Balanced
  10. Reflective


Upon graduation from an IB program with an IB diploma, students will have spent hundreds of hours learning and refining these skills.

What Are the Benefits of Attending an IB School in Carroll County, MD?

How would the world be different if we learned how to listen to each other? How would things change if we thought of our local, national and global communities more often? How could the future of our planet be shifted by focusing on our shared humanity and guardianship of the planet instead of what makes us different?


These questions influenced the creation of the IB program and our IB school in Carroll County, MD. Students who participate in IB programs reap the rewards of a curriculum that is broad, balanced, conceptual and connected. The skills that young adults need are not only built inside of a traditional academic setting, which is why Springdale Preparatory Academy focuses on guiding and educating students socially, academically and emotionally. Students who attend IB schools are prepared for the realities of life as an adult and excited to connect with the world around them.

What Are the Requirements of IB Programs?

To receive an IB diploma, students will complete two years of relevant study, including core curriculum and one course relating to each of the six subject groups (Language A, Language B, Individuals and Societies, Experimental Sciences, Mathematics and The Arts). The IB Core is composed of three classes: Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and Community, Action and Service. When students complete assessments, essays and exams they earn points towards their diploma. 24 points are required to receive an IB diploma, but students can earn up to 45 points total.

Is There an IB School in Carroll County, MD?

Yes! Springdale Preparatory School is located conveniently in New Windsor, Maryland. Springdale Preparatory School is a college preparatory boarding and day school for grades 6 through 12 nestled in the Carroll County countryside. Our rigorous curriculum and community environment allows students to prepare for the next steps in their schooling and their future careers. To learn more about enrolling at an IB school in Carroll County, MD, call us at (443) 671-0072.