IB Program Maryland

At Springdale Preparatory School, we are proud to be a leading International Baccalaureate (IB) program thanks to our diverse curriculum and unique community. As an IB program in Maryland, we aim to prepare students for whatever the future holds, whether they go on to start a small business or enter a rigorous Ph.D. program. IB schooling combines high-level academics with a tight-knit learning community to support students through every step of their educational journey.


Springdale Preparatory School is a leading IB program in Maryland that fosters learners who think creatively, critically, globally and independently, and who are enthusiastic and prepared to enter the world.

What Is the International Baccalaureate Program?

The International Baccalaureate program was carefully designed to develop students who are not merely regurgitating academic facts, but who can think critically about the world around them. IB programs don’t focus just on academics, but also on a full spectrum of qualities that create responsible, informed citizens. IB graduates are inquisitive, knowledgeable and compassionate, and fully understand their responsibility to make the world a better place.


At our IB program in Maryland, we cultivate global learners who appreciate the things that make us all similar and different. Upon completion of the International Baccalaureate program, students will have spent hundreds of hours honing their thinking skills, research skills, communication skills, social skills and self-management skills.

What Do Students Learn in IB Programs?

Our IB program in Maryland looks at the long-term, not just the short-term, and we aim to nurture students into responsible global citizens and not just exceptional students. Over the course of the program, we develop students who are:


  1. Inquirers
  2. Knowledgeable
  3. Thinkers
  4. Communicators
  5. Principled
  6. Open-Minded
  7. Caring
  8. Risk-Takers
  9. Balanced
  10. Reflective


What Are the Benefits of Attending an IB Program in Maryland?

Attending an IB program in Maryland ensures that your child benefits from personal development in addition to traditional academic benefits. An International Baccalaureate education is demanding, and it encourages students to push themselves and broaden their horizons. Our preparatory school uses a curriculum that is broad, balanced, conceptual and connected.


Students who enroll in an IB program in Maryland are also more prepared for college or starting a career upon graduation. Due to the rigor of their education, they often experience a smoother transition from school to secondary education or the work world, and they have the confidence and curiosity to take on new challenges.

How Do Students Earn an IB Diploma?

In order to receive an International Baccalaureate diploma from our IB program in Maryland, students must complete two years of relevant study. Every student will complete the core curriculum classes: Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and Creativity, Action and Service. Additionally, each pupil must complete one course in each of the six subject groups, including Language A, Language B, Individuals and Societies, Experimental Sciences, Mathematics and The Arts.


Students will complete exams and assessments to gauge their progress and earn points towards their diploma. Upon earning 24 points, they will be eligible for an IB diploma, but students can earn up to 45 points.

What School Has the Best IB Program in Maryland?

Springdale Preparatory School is an International Baccalaureate school nestled in the Carroll County, Maryland countryside. Our New Windsor campus is a college preparatory boarding and day school for grades 6 through 12. Our demanding curriculum and community environment allow students to prepare not only for the next steps in their schooling, but also their future careers. To learn more about enrolling at an IB program in Maryland, call us at (443) 671-0072.