IB Private School Owings Mills, MD

Every student deserves the chance to succeed, and it can be challenging for gifted students who are the best and brightest to find the right academic environment. The perfect environment for your gifted student should be challenging but uplifting and rigorous but supportive. A vibrant learning community can make the difference between the students who reach their full potential and ones who are left behind.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is the best way to connect high achievers with the rigor they need to prepare for the future, whether that means starting their own small business or becoming a doctor. Our IB private school in Owings Mills, MD offers an IB program that seamlessly combines high-level academics with a motivated community of students and educators. Springdale Preparatory School is an IB private school that provides every student with a superior experience that will prepare them for their future career, secondary schooling and whatever the future entails.

What Is the International Baccalaureate Program?

International Baccalaureate programs are different from more traditional schools, as they are crafted to help the best and brightest thrive. During your child’s IB education, they will learn and master the qualities that create informed global citizens who are ready to effectively create change. Every graduate of our IB private school in Owings Mills, MD will have learned how to be inquisitive, informed and compassionate. Don’t you want to encourage your child to make the world a better place?

Whether they are in class or participating in engaging extracurricular activities, our students will be thinking about the world beyond their communities, their state and their country. How can they take action to make a better tomorrow? How can they link up with other students to improve the world today? Our private school in Owings Mills, MD creates graduates who have spent hundreds of hours nurturing their thinking skills, research skills, social skills, communication skills and self-management skills.

What Do Students Learn in IB Programs?

At Springdale Preparatory School, we are proud to be a leading IB private school in Owings Mills, MD. Graduates of our program are:

  1. Inquirers
  2. Knowledgeable
  3. Thinkers
  4. Communicators
  5. Principled
  6. Open-Minded
  7. Caring
  8. Risk-Takers
  9. Balanced
  10. Reflective


What Are the Benefits of Attending a Private School in Owings Mills, MD?

Since it was first created, the International Baccalaureate program has been incredibly successful and popular. The IB program focuses on each individual student and not just their performance on standardized tests. When you send your student to our private school in Owings Mills, MD, you can rest assured that they will be empowered to take charge of their future. We want to help students in increasing their cultural competency, diversifying their knowledge base and improving society as a whole. Our curriculum is broad, balanced, conceptual and connected.

What Are the Requirements for Graduation at Our IB Private School?

Every student who completes the International Baccalaureate program at our IB private school in Owings Mills, MD will receive an IB diploma and a high school diploma. Students will complete two years of IB study, which will include the core curriculum: Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and Community, Action and Service. Every student will also need to complete at least one course in each of the IB study categories: Language A, Language B, Individuals and Societies, Experimental Sciences, Mathematics and The Arts. Once students satisfy their coursework and testing requirements, they will accrue points to their IB diploma. To earn the diploma, they must earn at least 24 points out of the 45 possible points.

Is There an IB Private School in Owings Mills, MD?

Yes! Springdale Preparatory School is located in Frederick and nestled in the Carroll County countryside. Springdale Preparatory School is a leading college preparatory boarding and day school for grades 6 through 12. Our rigorous curriculum and community environment allow students to prepare not only for the next steps in their schooling, but also their future careers. To learn more about enrolling at our IB private school in Owings Mills, MD, call us at (443) 671-0072.