IB Prep School Owings Mills, MD

Every parent wants the best for their child, and this is especially true when you have a high achiever. Without the proper learning environment, your child may fail to realize their full potential or find the support that they need to thrive. A positive, vibrant learning community with challenging academics is one of the best ways to make sure that your student is on the right path. One way to put your child in this environment is by participating in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

The IB program has been designed and refined over many decades to help turn eager students into prepared future global citizens. Whether your child wants to be standing up at the front of the board room or teaching in the classroom, our IB prep school in Owings Mills, MD is the best way to prepare them. Springdale Preparatory School has built a reputation as the best prep school in the greater Owings Mills area thanks to our commitment to educating students to become creative and independent global thinkers.

What Is the International Baccalaureate Program?

Many years ago, the International Baccalaureate program was created. The creators saw what standardized testing and other formulaic curriculum did to students. Instead of creating people who are equipped with the tools necessary to solve major global problems, students were taught how to pass tests. Our IB prep school in Owings Mills, MD is an alternative to traditional schooling that puts emphasis on checking boxes instead of continued growth into a better person.

Over time, the International Baccalaureate program has gained a reputation for being the international gold standard for education. When your child participates in our IB program, they will learn everything they need to know to be confident, eager participants in college and their future careers. By the time your child completes their studies at our IB prep school in Owings Mills, MD, they will have spent countless days working on cultivating their research, communication, socialization, thinking, and self-management skills.

How Is IB Curriculum Different?

Many parents are not used to the IB way of schooling, which means that they might not fully understand what their child will be learning. While some people think that International Baccalaureate is similar to other advanced programs, like gifted and talented programs and AP classes, IB classes are different. Every course in the curriculum is designed to create students who are:

  1. Knowledgeable
  2. Thinkers
  3. Communicators
  4. Principled
  5. Open-Minded
  6. Caring
  7. Risk-Takers
  8. Balanced
  9. Reflective


What Advantages Do Students Attending an IB Prep School Have?

Aside from often having a more positive experience during their school careers, students at our IB prep school are able to get additional personal character development that is simply not available in most schools. In our learning environment, we work on fostering life skills that turn children into young adults. Beyond the IB curriculum that they will be participating in, all of their classes will be conceptual, connected, broad, and balanced.

Studies and anecdotal evidence indicate that students who graduate from IB programs are better prepared for higher education pursuits thanks to their increased self-discipline and greater experience with research. Many students who graduated from our IB prep school in Owings Mills, MD, have been offered opportunities to study abroad and receive scholarships to international universities. Beyond the advantages they will experience in the short term, they also gain access to the broader network of all International Baccalaureate graduates.

What Are the Requirements for an IB Diploma?

To preserve the standards of the program, there are strict requirements for who can graduate with an International Baccalaureate diploma. If your child successfully completes the program, they will graduate with both a Maryland state high school diploma and an International Baccalaureate diploma. In order to receive an IB diploma, your child must complete two years of relevant study and an additional course in each of the six subject groups: Language A, Language B, Individuals and Societies, Experimental Sciences, Mathematics, and The Arts.

Is There an IB Prep School in Owings Mills, MD?                        

Yes! Springdale Preparatory School is an IB prep school located conveniently in the Carroll County countryside, and it is easy to access from Owings Mills, MD. Our New Windsor school campus is a college preparatory boarding and day school for grades 6 through 12. Through a demanding curriculum and community environment, we prepare students for the next steps in their schooling and their future careers. To learn more about enrolling at our IB prep school in Owings Mills, MD, call us at (443) 671-0072.