At Springdale Preparatory School, athletic competition centers not on the final score but on core values developed through participation.

Springdale Tennis Club is focused on helping its students excel athletically and competitively within an academic-centric environment. Each member of the club is encouraged to put in maximum effort to get better at tennis, while working toward their academic goals as student athletes. Members are learning to become efficient players and athletes, as they develop their individual skills in a team format. Learning to maintain health minds and healthy bodies is an important element in becoming a productive member of the Springdale community. The students are being pushed to reach their full potential as players, as well as learn life lessons while participating in the sport of tennis.




The Springdale Tennis Club is currently aimed at improving the level of play and overall athleticism within each of our club members. We currently have players who range from the beginners to the immediate level of play. However, by the end of the school year, our goal is to be able to compete with at least one neighboring school in this area to help provide a sense of competition for each of our club members. In the future, we will continue to recruit future student athletes, to help grow our tennis club, as we work toward becoming a competitive team that will compete in scholastics tournaments in our surrounding areas.

We aim to build character, confidence, discipline, mental toughness and leadership skills, all key principles demonstrated in all levels of competition.


Jason Lawson


After graduating from Earlham College, Coach Jason Lawson is in his first year of teaching and coaching at Springdale Preparatory School. In addition to playing four years of tennis on the Earlham College Tennis Team, he also captained his team while helping them achieve a 11 – 3 record during his senior year of play. Coach Lawson played competitively for 12 years in the US and in Jamaica, where he was a top ranked junior player. He also coached many summer camps in Jamaica and in Greece.