At Springdale Preparatory School, athletic competition centers not on the final score but on core values developed through participation.

Springdale Esports is a fun, competitive, and team-based program. Our training system will get you in the game as much as possible and allows for virtual participation! Our students will have the opportunity to grow and develop as competitive video game players as well as students. With a focus on education, discipline, principles, and critical thinking we use video games as a tool to build strong, disciplined students who are fully ready for college and the future beyond.


The Esports program at Springdale looks forward to growing in the coming years of its operation. Adding more teams, games, and coaches to our roster as we expand. As we build upon our strong foundation we strive to train championship teams and star Esports athletes while pushing our players to be strong students as well. We hope to be a driving force for our school and its community for many years to come.

Our players meet every day for practice from 3:30 – 6:00 PM. We will have the opportunity to participate in regional tournaments, statewide tournaments, as well as national tournaments.

We aim to build character, confidence, discipline, mental toughness and leadership skills, all key principles demonstrated in all levels of competition.


Head Coach

Mr. Ben Kohn has been working at Springdale since 2018 teaching Music and Film. He has been playing video games since he built his first computer in 2005. He has been playing League of Legends for 6 years now and participating in tournaments for 2 of those years. In college, he created a competitive esports club that gained recognition from Riot Games and was officially partnered with ULoL. He enjoys playing League of Legends with his friends on a very regular basis and has even won multiple small tournaments. Mr. Kohn looks forward to building a strong team of players who want to push their skills to their limits and grow as confident young people.

Assistant Coach

Mr. Luke Parr has been playing League of Legends for 4 years and has followed the professional esports scene for the last 3. He usually enjoys playing the game by himself, but would much rather get into a game with 4 other friends so that they can strategize and face opponents better than themselves. His team of friends has even gone on to win several small tournaments. Mr. Parr is excited to not only coach these young athletes in one of his favorite video games, but also to see them develop into outstanding communicators and team players so that we can become the best team in the area.

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